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"Ari in London"

At Tessa Pollitt's back garden, Bakerloo Line & The Underworld Sep 18 2007

Ari-Up performing with her backing band, 'The True Warriors', at The Underworld in Camden was the first of two gigs in London last September. I caught the first one on tape, and as Ari kept on saying to the tech crew "Bright lights, bright lights - we want to be seen" I came away with some strong shots, apart from when Ari walks up stage and gets shaded into the background. (Ari does it one time, whilst singing Fade Away, providing a good ending for the film.) Whenever Ari visits London I always get a call, whether I film or watch the gig, we always touch base. One time in 2004 I filmed Ari, Tessa and Ari's son, Wilton, on their way to meet with a producer. It was a meeting which couldn't be filmed, but I wish I had got it. Watching Ari fight her corner is always a clear act, and one that leaves you a bit inspired. Luckily the interview and underground footage was a true find; I can't imagine planning the shot with the school children on the train. It's the perfect representation of what I like most about Ari - her direct interaction with people on the street, the speed at which she reacts to something, and the inherent morality, of being yourself with everybody, stays through to the end; especially when Ari summarises it all with a line from one of The Slit's songs - "Bloody hell, it never changes. Grown-ups, the world of grown-ups, it's corrupt." (Ari and Tessa share a laugh.)

Poppie Sköld 2008

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No DVD on this one. Ari's solo album 'Dread More Dan Dead' is available at Jammyland NYC and Amazon.

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