Jill Cunniff
Southpaw NYC
Apr 6 2007
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'Warm Sound'

The pinstand goes way back with Luscious Jackson. Guitarist Gabby Glaser actually came to the UK and toiled at Better Badges. (In 1981 or 1982, I can't quite remember.) As the pinstand went online in 1994 LJ were one of the first bands, through their connection with the Beasties' Grand Royal label, to have an online presence, and I accordingly made pins. Their performance at the Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1998 was an early webcast we watched keenly at punkcast HQ. We were sorry to see them call it a day in 2000, Grand Royal itself following in 2001. Now, six years later, we are seeing a flurry of activity. Not only has a "Greatest Hits' album been released, it was announced that the band are working on a new kids album, Gabby has a new band and an album recorded, and singer Jill Cunniff has put out a well received solo abum 'City Beach'. Jill has also been out playing shows and I finally managed to catch up with one at Southpaw in Brooklyn's Park Slope, apparently now her home neighborhood. Jill played early on the bill, and was accompanied by Singh Birdsong - just the two of them on acoustic guitars and vocals. Singh is himself an LJ veteran, having played keyboards in the last year or so of their existence. The early hour allowed fans as young as 10 years old or less to catch the show, and they eagerly lined the front of the stage and listened with rapt attention, especially as the late night crowd drinking and talking at the bar didn't make things too easy to hear. Jill started and finished with songs from the new album - I've selected the airy 'Warm Sound' as the first clip here, and went on an excursion through some LJ favorites in the middle of her set - you get the wonderful rapalicious 'Naked Eye' as the second clip.

Clicking the images will take you to the clips on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There is a DVD. This show was also shot by Baeble Music and their version is also available on DVD.

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date posted: 5/20/07

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