Cirque De Siren
The Mooney Suzuki
Coney Island - Brooklyn
July 20 2002
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'be like a boy - dance like a girl'

This was the second annual Village Voice do at Coney Island. Held on two stages amidst the big wheel, cyclone, dodg'ems, hot dog stands, bizarro sideshows and other regular attractions. The main stage was definitely the girl's area, w Sleater Kinney, The Donnas, and the YYY's all appearing. It was jammed and, arriving in late afternoon with no pass, I couldn't even get near. I made my way over to the smaller Stillwell stage, to which the boys had been relegated . And, even there, the main event was a burlesque extravaganza - 'Cirque De Siren' - in which many of the boys were dressed as girls, if they were dressed at all. "Let's hear it for little penises!" exhorted MC Murray Hill as the Dazzle Dancers left the stage, naked except for glitter. The whole thing climaxed as Lady Bunny brought the whole ensemble back on stage while Murray Hill belted out 'New York' - first clip below. Then the boys, if not with little penises, certainly with plenty of balls, took over as the Liars hit the stage. I chuckled as Murray Hill announced them with a big lie - "Brooklyn natives..". The Liars had a German film crew shooting a vid for their UK label Mute, so I politely stayed behind the crash bars but shot with some difficulty over the heads an increasingly crowded and active pit. Angus's mike seemed to go a bit quiet toward the middle, but they got settled down and really ripped on the last two songs, clips below, one of which was new - 'I Can Be Very Very Very Very Cruel' - and the other, 'Every Day Is A Child With Teeth' has more recently been covered by Oneida (available here). The Liars had attracted over some of the girls, and after they played I was able to introduce Ari-Up to Karen O. Despite being a NYC band, the Liars had not played many big shows at the time, and so the crowd was already a little shellshocked before closers The Mooney Suzuki took the stage with enough energy to blast them into next week. A showband that comes over somewhere between Eddie & The Hotrods and the MC5, they were in their element at the gauche fairgrounds, preaching the gospel of the electric guitar with evangelical fervor, and finishing up by going walkabout in the pit passing out riffage blessings.

And with the VCD thing I have gone 3 ways here. VCD179 is the Siren piece, plus all except two songs each from Liars and TMZ. VCD1792 is the whole Liars set. VCD1793 is the whole Mooney Suzuki set. You can get copies from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with your wants, and I'll let you know the process, or just paypal an order straight to that address.

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