Midnight O'Connor
Plaid - NYC
Mar 31 20034
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'plaid out'

Fitz's second return to NYC after relocating to Berlin last year. This time, hooking up with the girl Jen Black. A full program including DJing at Lit one Friday, and a Twisted Ones Mighty Robot show the next. Late night Jameson's at Daddy's, Tagteam DJing at Southside Lounge on a Saturday, Irish breakfasts, radio broadcasts etc etc. And this, the ultimate Fitz experience - Midnight O'Connor. Who somehow managed to gain a closing slot on the trendy Kitten Klub wednesday night at Plaid. I guess that someone with a sense of humor had figured out that it would be April 1 by the time they got on. In fact, for the underdrunk audience, their psychedelic catharsis was a welcome break from the too loud beat music when they finally went on well after 1am. This time the oneida/jah division core was augmented by a different guitarist and an extra drummer, and Jen also on vocals. Lacking a bible for lyrical inspiration they mostly just howled, massively processed as usual by Diego of Sacchromanic Targets. Everyone had the black capes, The new guitarist got quite lyrical at times. Since Erik from Mighty Robot was onstage playing detuned guitar, it fell to Arthur of the Twisted Ones and others to provide the lighting. Attempts to hang a screen were abandoned and they took to manually wielding projectors at the band and crowd, A couple of beautiful girls danced ecstatically at the front. The first dirge was 26 minutes, the second 18. The clip is 5 minutes towards the end of the latter. As they prepared to go for their third, the club politely pulled the plug.

And yes there is a VCD of the show, including the aborted 3rd song. That is VCD426 (3,48:11) which, in the usual manner, you can get from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, ask for VCD426. You might also find a copy at Kim's Video on St Mark's Place NYC. This was Midnight O'Connor's third show, their first is on Punkcast#317

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/9/04

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