East River Park NYC
Jul 30 2005
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with thanks to East River Music project

'You've got to get up to get free.'

Every year, recently, the NYC East River Music Project has presented a remarkably forward thinking program of new music in this little known piece of greenery between the Williamsburg and Manhattan bridges. Water taxis, tugs and barges, luxury yachts cruise past on the river, hipsters lounge in unaccustomed daylight, and locals gaze on bemusedly, as some of the city's most progressive bands, plus some illustrious vistors, grace the aged bandshell. Here, in a clip created for broadcast on the NY Noise tv show, we see Brooklyn favorites Oneida performing the song 'Up With People'.

If you program a tv show or other media outlet and are interested in running this clip, do please get in touch.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 12/20/05

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