Michael Mahalchick 'Presence'
Roxy Pain w/Emily Manzo
Canada NYC
Mar 4 2004
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This one, unlike our usual grungy circimstances, was fine art. For a month Michael Malachick took over the Canada gallery on the way Lower East Side for his first solo exhibition. It had two components. 'Insides' was an installation of a number of his sculptures. 'Presence' brought in a strong program of nightly performances, which Michael duly taped and projected on the back wall at all times. The sculptures were ragamuffin affairs constructed from interwoven scavenged materials. The overall theme was red, and one wondered from the title if they represented viscera - if so, soft and fuzzy, friendly, viscera.. What brought punkcast to the show was the, just 3 nights before it closed, appearance of Roxy Pain. Roxy Pain is poster boy Kayrock, gongwhacker for Oneida, and his fellow inkflinger Wolfie, along with O.J. from Mob Stereo, all stalwarts of the scene. For this show they were joined by 'serious' musician Emily Manzo, and chose to perform the Erik Satie piece 'Vexations'. As one walked in a large poster displayed the Antipleonast argument for a vow of brevity. That no music should be longer than 20 minutes. In defiance Roxy Pain's announced intention was to play the Satie piece for as long as possible, until everyone got so pissed off they couldn't continue. They were already a good half-hour in when I started taping, and I shot a whole hour of tape without much signs of let up. As I took a break more people arrived, and the band seemed to get their second wind. Someone spliffed up the back line and things started geting a little peculiar. Wolfie was lieing on the floor playing his wah wah with his head. The demure Emily, similarly, had dropped to her knees and was beginning to weave. This I did not film, but, as they recovered their decorum, and Wofie took to imploring people to dance, I shot another 12 minutes or so. That is the clip here. Then I had to run to another show, and never did find out how long they went on for.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD (2, 1:12:37). It's the hour, plus the bit here. Not a bad little item, definitely, like all good satie, a mood setter.., You can get a copy from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD_Order, and I'll let you know the process. Ask for VCD410. There is a Roxy Pain pin - see the WWWhatsup below.

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date posted: 4/7/04

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