Admiral's Row RFP Pre-Submittal Meeting
Brooklyn Navy Yard NYC
Aug 11 2009

sponsored by
Brooklyn's Other Museum of Brooklyn
with thanks to Brooklyn Navy Yard

"Landmark Admiral's Row!"

The Brooklyn Navy Yard Development Corporation (BNYDC) have made a request for proposals to develop the historic Admiral's Row site. A 40,000 sq.ft. supermarket, plus further industrial space, is envisaged. The federal government, who are yet to hand over the site to the city, have specified that at least two of the historic buildings must be preserved. While the local community is certainly needs a market, the plan calls for a 'regional' destination with the consequent parking etc. Preservationists maintain that there is plenty of room for the supermarket and renovations of the entire row of 8 buildings, currently dilapidated after years of neglect, and that cost would not be significant in an overall deveopment. On Aug 11 2009 a pre-submission meeting held at the Navy Yard gave both developers and preservationists their first chance to get a close look at the site. The first clip is that meeting. In the second, the camera accompanies Scott Witter of Brooklyn's Other Museum of Brooklyn (B.O.M.B.) as he tours the site.

ipod | stills | youtube

ipod | stills | youtube

A DVD containing both clips is available. Email if interested. Ask for DVD1639. This material, including stills, is released under a Creative Commons CC-BY licence.

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Municipal Arts Society Assistance for Developers Responding to Navy Yard's Admiral's Row RFP

Search google "admiral's row" & "brooklyn navy yard"

U.S. Army National Guard Bureau Admiral's Row Section 106 homepage

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