Hatfield And The North
Bowery Poetry Club NYC
June 25 2006
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'Lything and Gracing'

Like punk itself, punkcast has deep roots in the hippie heydays of the late 60's, when bands took r&b to new psychedelic limits. As the players grew older in the 70's music morphed in a couple of directions, one - hard metal and pompous prog, the other a softer more intellectual acid jazz. UK band Hatfield And The North are exemplars of the latter. Quirky, and with little compromise to commercialism, it has taken a long time, like 34 years, for the band to reach the USA. But on a midsummer Sunday in 2006, here they were, thanks to Bruce and Manny of the Downtown Music Gallery, playing across the road from CBGB, and the punkcast cam was there. They rewarded the assembled aficionados with two healthy sets of not only their own material but also a good dose of an associated band - Robert Wyatt's Matching Mole. Drummer Pip Pyle introduced a musical elegy for the recently departed Soft Machine saxophonist Elton Dean - ironic as Pip, a real character, is, sad to say, now no longer with us himself. I've picked 3 tunes: the upbeat - 'Finesse Is for Fairies'; the deity reproaching 'God Song' from Matching Mole; and, another hot instrumental from the Matching Mole catalog, 'Lything and Gracing'.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There is a DVD - I'm waiting for a response from the band as to whether or how I could distro a few. If interested write in and ask for DVD997.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 12/20/06

Calyx Hatfield And The North

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