Blood On The Wall
Tonic - NYC
Sep 15 2005
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with thanks to Tonic, Social Registry, and CMJ


The first time I shot Blood On The Wall, 2 years ago in PUNKCAST#317, they were somewhat tentative. Later Rich from their label Social Registry told me that they had hardly played in front of anyone outside of a few friends and were a little shy. Since then they have played many shows in front of lots of people, making many more friends. The casual intensity and raw simplicity of last year's debut album established them as a force to be reckoned with. Now, this year, they have come back with a second album that takes the thing to a whole next level, and is an authentic classic. Here we see the band headlining this year's Social Registry CMJ showcase, colorfully lit by the Mighty Robot A/V Squad. The out of towners had to squeeze in at the back, as it seemed like half of NYC had turned up, made to feel at home by Courtney's 'city clash' t-shirt. The first song below - 'Baby Likes To Holler' is a typically laconic piece from the first album, while the second, 'Heat From The Day' amply exhibits the stripped down 'awesomer' quality of the new one - eschewing, as it does, even chord changes.

No VCD on this one. If you program a tv show and are interested in running a clip - get in touch. BOTW pins are available via the WWWhatsup link below.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 11/4/05
fixed: 5/6/06

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