TV On The Radio
Jan 28 2004
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'tv on the radio, on the radio'

As, album in the can, tvotr were preparing themselves for their second great expedition across the frozen plains to batter the sensibilities of american youth, they were invited in to guest dj on WNYU's New Afternoon Show one wednesday afternoon. A prestigious event, as this program is the one daily place new york can listen to the latest music on a consistent basis, and has been going for years. With mainly Kyp selecting they played, amongst other things, oneida, the fakers, usa is a monster, liars, full force, professor longhair, blacktop, coachwips, prince, and the shadowrings. Host Rob Hatch-Miller took the opportunity to ask the band a few questions and had them choose peculiarly apropos PSA's to read. 2 segments. In the first they discuss the album. Dave talks about how recording the liars cured him of nascent rockist tendencies. The clip is part two, in which they describe the early days of the band and the upcoming tour plans.

And what I have done is added these segs to the VCD of the TVOTR record release show, that is VCD4142 (12,68:16). You can get a copy from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD and I'll let you know the process (paypal accepted). Ask for VCD4142. We also do a TVOTR pin - see the WWWhatsup below.

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date posted: 4/5/04

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