Knitting Factory NYC
Apr 22 2004
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'panda panda panda'

There is little I could add to Chris Fallon's excellent PopMatters review of this show, beyond contradicting his assertion that the band didn't play very long - in fact they were on stage for a good hour. Time flies when you're havin' fun, as they say. And, while Chris also imagines that there were only 10 songs, in fact there were 19. Apart from that Chris quite nails it, with his allusions to Yoko, Yes, and menacing cuteness. Some songs were sedate, almost Satiesque, but others pulled and pushed, rammed together in pell mell collages, before the band finished with the lengthy 'Milking'. It was hard to select clips, but I've picked the catchy 'Dog On The Sidewalk' and the popular 'Dummy Discards A Heart'. I think this show was the one that really officially established them as NYC favorites.

And yes I have knocked up a VCD of the whole thing, 19 songs which I trust I have accurately seperated and titled. - if interested, get in touch with the band, and get them to give me the ok to send you a copy.

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date posted: 2/23/05


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