Love Is All
Bill Cosby And His Pudding Pops
Rocky's, Brooklyn
Nov 15 2005
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with thanks to Rocky and What's Your Rupture

'totally bananas'

Rocky's bar aka The Local aka The Ship's Mast aka whatever in Williamsburg is a low key joint that has zero pretentions. Serious drinking and partying are the order of the day, everyday. So, on this day when label What's Your Rupture welcomed their new Swedish signees to their first ever USA show, and they wanted show them that we could rave it up like anyone, it was the chosen venue. I arrived late, after Cause Co-Motion had already revved up the crowd, to find Love Is All well underway. They are a high-powered outfit in their own right - a girl singer and a saxophone lending them a definite touch of the classic X Ray Spex sound. I had to thrust my way through dozens of spasmodically twisting dancers to get a shot. All the songs sounded like hits which, as we now know, they turned out to be. I've picked the current single 'Make Out, Fall Out, Make Up' as a clip. As a finale to the night, What's Your Rupture rolled out Bill Cosby And His Pudding Pops, a kind of dodgy label supergroup that only seems to appear on special occasions. They are raucous, shambolic, manic, and a hoot. For example, they have a dance song called 'The Totally Bananas'. I've given you two samples of the chaos: 'Gimme A Kiss' and 'Nah Dude'.

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-ready. There are seperate DVD's 886-01 and 886-02 respectively.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 12/18/06


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