The Fall
Knitting Factory NYC
Apr 9 2004
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with thanks to Knitting Factory and Bryan Swirsky and Stefan Cooke

'Open the box.'

Mark E Smith and his band The Fall were post-punk from before most people were actually aware punk existed. Existential rhythm and rant. The pinstand was there with them from the first Step Forward days, and we were very fond of the first manager Kay Carrol. So here we are 24 years later, at the 2nd of two sold-out shows at the Knit. While Mark might be aging like the rest of us, both his band and audience were seriously youthful and exuberant. Mark suffered a broken hip recently and staggered on to the stage in crutches, before sitting at a small table to perform. They did a number of songs off the new album - The Real New Fall LP (soon to be released on Brooklyn indie Narnack Records) - 'Boxoctosis' and ' Theme from Sparta FC' - see clips below. The band also did several cover versions, including The Move's "I Can Hear The Grass Grow, the obscure UK hit 'Grooving With Mr Bloe', the 4 Seasons 'Walk Like A Man' (3rd clip below), and encored with the Big Bopper's 'White Lightning'.

And yes i did knock up a VCD of the show, and i'm happy to announce that the band have seen fit to release it as half of a double DVD via Voiceprint Recs in the UK. Very reasonably priced. More info here. We do still do the odd Fall pin - check the WWWhatsup link below.

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The Fall website reviews this show.

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