Peter and the Test Tube Babies
1998 USA / Canada Tour
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The 'Alien Pubduction' tour

This is the Test Tube Babies and Peter's first trip to America since they socked it to the left coast with the Adicts way back in November 83. Powered by a full rhythm section refit they will be barrelling round the continent with typical abandon. playing anywhere that will give them a promise, a place to crash, and a crate of beer.

tue 9/4/98 CBGB - NYC
After a little hitch caused by American Airlines mislaying the guitars the band arrived at the hallowed halls in good time to miss soundcheck. There was no sign of Sue Blank the 'east-coast co-ordinator' of the tour. They managed to arrange a crash spot with one of the oven stuffers in Hilly's basement Pizza Palace and then repaired to the nearby 'Continental' to compose a set list. Peter was delighted to discover Woodpecker cider on tap and quaffed multiple pints with relish. Tour partners The Forgotten had brought a healthy supply of swag from Pub City Royal and Dr Strange and Walnut drew the short straw for the early shift in the booth. It was a 5 band bill so some hours were spent propping up the CB's bar as bodies begun to wonder what happened to bedtime. Del stuck with the Heineken while Peter went for the more exotic Red Stripe. 'I wish we could play now." said Peter. They cheerfully stepped in to man the merch booth when it came time for Walnut to go help The Forgotten set up. A morose Scot engaged Del in a long lament about the state of american victuals while Peter pulled strange faces at passers-by. Peter thought that he would never 'stoop so low' as to drink a Budweiser, but Del realistically gave the bottom line - 'As long as it's wet..". Del has his limits, I am beginning to see. A languorous blonde appears and outlaments even the dolorous Scot. Her beef is that the skinheads have forgotten her, that no-one knows her 'ass'. She exposes lengthy 'Chelsea growings', her skinchick provenance. "Unforgettable" observes Del, just as The Forgotten hit the stage. I go outside for a breather. Lounging on a car hood are a pair of affable rascals - Broken Bones singer-turned-New-Yorker Nobby and punk-impresario-turned-trucker Johnny Stiff.
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Stiff is handing out flyers for an upcoming 'Tribute to Charlie' show. 'Big' Charlie, somewhat like a tall muscled Al Roker, was the pillar of stage security back in the days of original NYHC, and like Raybeez from Warzone a year ago has lately become 'late'. Old school bands are coming out of the woodwork for this one.
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We are joined by red-dread Ralphie Boy who used to do all the NYC 'squat or rot' shows. His 'noise' band Disassociate have strangely become big in Japan. Time must have flown. When I got back in The Forgotten were already history, although I am told they did get into a memorable rumble with CB crowd
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soon enough the opening chords of 'Keep Britain Untidy' rang out as the Test Tubes took to an american stage for the first time in 14.75 years
Complete set
Audience mike
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A raucous encore followed the best heckle of the night - "Yo! What about the double-chin then?"
Elvis Is Dead
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thu 9/3/98
I got Del on the the phone mid-pm UK time, basically to pitch him on Punkcast. His response : "Just as long as JohnB doesn't get hold of it and stick it out on some dodgy video.."
LinkVisionary.co.uk - Peter and the test tube babies
Alien Pubduction or not, Del avers Peter will never stoop to drinking Budweiser. Clip quality is a bit naff - this being the first time I have tried taping the phone.
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tue 9/1/98
Nigel Hindley posts an updated itinerary from tour organiser Dave Woods.
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