Ex Models
Siberia - NYC
Oct 18 2002
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with thanks to Siberia

'pink noise'

This was the big launch night for a weekly session run by the ex-Philly crew so i guess the ex models made sense. I had been waiting for them to play since being tipped by Brian of the YYY's - and seeing them understood why. Zack, the guitar end of Brian's other band - the seconds - was playing bass. And the ex models share their explosive style. Siberia is a 2 floor affair just south of the Port Authority. The basement was rough, a bar, lots of beer crates, and occasional furniture strewn around. I was climbing over rubble as I shot. The PA was minimal. It was great, just as Brian had promised. Ex models, while aggressively contemporary, evoke the heights of classic mod.. below is the band's opening sally..

capture captain: joly

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