Nina Hagen w/Ari Up
Walker Stage - NYC
Sep 11 2002
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'World Peace!'

The anniversary of the towers fall was an odd day in NYC. Violent gusty winds swirled round the city blowing so much debris about that the cops cordoned off big chunks of Manhattan near major construction sites. The city was pretty empty of traffic except for screaming emergency vehicles. Almost like a flashback to the aftershock period a year ago..

Prime 'Party for Pe@ce' mover Androgenius of PG2M having moved herself to Osaka, Japan - it was left to Missy Galore to come up with an event.. which, at the last moment, and with only a budget of $50 for flyers, she did. And did a pretty good job,too. She secured Walker Stage - a good size space south of Canal St in the downtown area, and a committed artivist venue. Performers rapidly signed on, and flyers were made - "You Can't Fight Pe@ce!".

Not mentioned on the flyer was Nina Hagen. In town for a series of shows and a film opening she tagged along to the party with Ari, and joined her on stage. The clip is an impromptu number by Nina as DJ Shane struggles to set up sufficient microphones for ari and crew on the vintage PA Missy had scrounged up. Missy brought her trademark tele twin towers of tv monitors, plus the 'feedbuck galore' system of live-mixed multiple backdrop projections (as seen in punkcast #158).

At the end a video that PG2M uploaded (see #199) was played on the big screens, along with a couple of other punkcast clips - Kimya from #134 and Attila from #176.

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