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Chris Salewicz
Niagara NYC
Jun 11 2007

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'Joe Rastafari!'

As a writer for the British music weekly NME in the punk years Chris Salewicz had ample opportunity to get to know The Clash. His down-to-earth sense of humor, broad taste in music, and strong penchant for reggae, rapidly earned him a spot in the band's inner circle. He continued to keep up with them through their ups and downs in the 80's and on. Now he has compiled much of his writings on Joe Strummer into a tome - 'Redemption Song - The Ballad Of Joe Strummer' for which he has been fortunate enough to score a major book deal with Faber & Faber, who duly flew him around the USA for readings. In NYC he eschewed the book stores in favor of Niagara, the East Village rock'n'roll bar that sports on it's exterior the mural that appears in the Redemption Song video itself. Chris read two pieces - the first one about the lesser known latter days of The Clash - the second and longer one about the glory days of the 'On Parole' tour. In his reading he revealed a remarkable talent for mimicry, accurately echoing all the members of the band and several interlopers, bringing howls of laughter from the crowd. His ear for the common and uncommon turn of phrase is what lends the book an immediacy us humble videographers can only aspire to.

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