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Stone Pony - Asbury Park NJ
Sep 6-7 2002
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'where's your videopass?'

It was the weekend of 9/11 plus one. Jackson and Slavek came down from Toronto for this, Slavek with a camera borrowed from school, kitted out in NYC with a good supply of pins and an in to a job on the merch stand from Adi from the NY-Relx. The event, a perennial UK punkfest that is always held in a resort town, is named after the Sex Pistols song that likens traditional holiday camps to Nazi concentration camps of WWII. The Stone Pony and it's fenced off parking lot, set amid Asbury Park's fading carnie grandeur, was an ideal US counterpart to the cheezy English locations. A horde of punks descended on an ill-prepared town and cavorted for 3 days. Apart from the usual fights and drunkeness there were plenty of extramural activities to keep them happy, like breaking into derelict buildings for the crowd, and hotel-trashing for the bands.

The Stone Pony were charging an arm and a leg for a video pass so Swavek had to be a little circumspect about shooting, and the tape in fact comes to a grinding halt as he gets shut down by the hired beef.

capture captain: joly
camera: Slavek Smigiel


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