Christy & Emily
Rothko NYC
Feb 10 2006
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'In perfect formation.'

Those who follow punkcast will have seen pianist Emily Manzo in more than one one-off collaboration. But here we have a different kettle of fish, an ongoing partnership in which she also sings. The roots of Christy & Emily lie in the Lil' Fighters, a rather odd country band that precursored The Walkmen, in which they both played. The driving echo of Christy's guitar style, which evokes Velvet Underground comparisons, layered with the melodic fluency of Emily's piano work is a compelling combination. As are their voices - the harmonies bring to mind classic 60's folkies, but with an edge. The songs are mostly personal, proud yet wistful, and have an odd way of gripping the consciousness such that one wakes up with them on the brain, days afterwards.

'Birds' was the closer of the set.

There is a DVD of the whole set. Get the band to pass me your email if interested in a copy. See more Emily in punkcasts #410 and #450.

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