Stefan Tcherepnin / Brian Chase Duo
Cake Shop NYC
Feb 12 2006
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'electronic soundscapes'

This show happened the day after the night of NYC's single biggest ever snowfall. The city's pristine white blanket, and it's unusual quietness were an appropiate backdrop for the curiously interesting squeaks and flutterings of the Stefan Tcherepnin / Brian Chase Duo. Brian, of course, we know, as the ever artistically unpredictable yyy drummer, here obviously getting in his last bit of fun before the big 'Show Yer Bones' push. Stefan Tcherepnin, a colleague of his since Oberlin, is the fourth generation of an illustrious composing family, and also a painter. In this performance he played an exotic looking homebrew analog synthesizer, dabbling with sonic color and texture. Brian, too, had his drums hooked in to electronics, such that the least pressure on his snare would create fluctations in oscillating drones. They played two pieces, both around 13 minutes - the 'first' one, and then the 'phasey' one. The clip below is the latter few minutes of the first one.

The h.264 file above is iPod compatible. There is a DVD on this. Mail orders@pinstand.com if interested. Ask for DVD921.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/4/06

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