Bowling For Soup
Continental - NYC
Oct 31 2002
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'we're not that innocent'

Howie Abrams is an old pal from the NYHC scene who has done well for himself and has a job of some influence at Jive Records. For years he's been trying to get something going up there that has the kind of edge we love. It seems he has succeeded with these four Texas lads, who have just scored a top ten hit - with the full trimmings - in the UK. Freshly returned from a sold-out tour, tv appearances etc they were squeezed into a 7pm slot at the Continental on Halloween night. This wasn't such a bad spot as, smack in the middle of the annual CMJ ligfest, possibly the biggest musical night of the year in NYC, this was an excellent place to start off the night. A gaggle of young girls and Jive workers turned out, plus me with the punkcast cam. The sound guy was buckling under the pressure and wouldn't give a feed of the board, but I still managed to get a fair shoot in. Standout song, hits notwithstanding, was 'Belgium' which included a roots rockin' take on Chip Taylor's classic 'Angel of the Morning' - dedicated to our own Howie.

I hung with the band a bit during an intense smoke & vodka consumption period just before they went on and found them to be very decent chaps, still a little, but not too much, dazed by their success.

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