TV On The Radio
White Magic
Young People
Knitting Factory - NYC
Sep 27 2003
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'everyone is exceptional'

The quote is from Katie Eastburn, of Young People, thanking the other bands for playing this, Young People's release party for their new album on DIM MAK Recs, and the kick-off date for their fall tour. And it was a remarkably good show, the culmination of a summer of creativity in NYC, with four breakout bands. A Saturday night, the place was packed with appreciative NYU students..

First up were the secret 'special guests' - which everyone knew was to be the debut of the re-formatted Liars, prior to their expedition to Japan with the YYY's. The new Liars are a 3-piece, with a different drummer, no bassist, and Angus picking up a guitar for some tunes. All 4 songs were new, one composed just the previous day. I tried to get titles from Angus with no luck - "Just make some up." he suggested. As we know their titles are often as deep as the tunes, so I will beg off on that and trust that the truth will eventually emerge. The one I've picked was the opening number.

Second was TV On The Radio, a talented bunch whose series of Sunday Luxx shows in August muchly defined that 2003 summer. Guitarist Dave produces for the YYY's and vocalist Tunde was responsible for their animated 'Pin' video. They have a somewhat fluid line-up, and had a different drummer to the Luxx shows, plus a flute/sax player. They busted a couple of new ones, but the song I have picked is the appropiate 'Young Liars', title of their current EP. It seemed there were a lot of birthday's being celebrated that night, and you can hear one such greeting at the start of the song.

White Magic were the dark horse of this night's crews. A brand new outfit featuring Mira of Quixotic. Harmonious, haunting, hypnotic. And addictive - this was just the second outing, but much looked forward to by those who saw the first. The song I have picked, from half way thru the set, amply illustrates their spellbindery.

Finally, we got to Young People. No mean spellbinders in their own right. Calm yet exultant. They gave us a taste of the fall set with several new numbers including the memorable 'The Man That Got Away'. The songs I have picked are 'Night Nurse' - in which Jeff plays guitar by tapping the bridge with a penknife - and 'Stay Awake' - which Katie invited us all to do to party with them and the birthday contingents at the after-party downstairs, which saw many, including the Tallboys, dancing and drinking til late.

And a word here for the Knitting Factory which, with not a few staff imported from the now defunct Wetlands, is finally shaping up to be the kind of club NYC deserves. Creative booking, 3 floors of live music, all ages admission, reasonably priced drinks, and a friendly demeanor, make it a pleasure to visit.

And yes i have knocked up seperate VCD's of the sets, Liars is VCD3351, TVOTR is VCD3352, White Magic is VCD3353, and Young People is VCD3354. You can get copies from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD Order, and I'll let you know the process. Or just paypal straight in at that address.

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date posted: 10/7/03

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