The Woods
Cake Shop NYC
Dec 16 2006
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With Oakley Hall moved up to touring, The Woods have replaced them as the Graham Ave drinking man and woman's band of choice. Broke Revue refugees Brad Truax and Bruno Meyrick-Jones are joined by comic artist Leslie Stein and drummer Steve McGuirl. Their songs are poppish ditties, but with a blues growl undertow, often enhanced live by mystic lighting from the Mighty Robot A-V Squad. Occasionally, as in the clip here, that undertow bursts to the surface and the band blasts off into full-on psyche of near Midnight O'Connoresque dimensions, much to the delight of all.

Clicking the image will take you to the clip on YouTube. The h.264 is iPod-ready. There is a DVD.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/4/07

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