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Gavin Brown Passerby NYC
Sep 27 2007

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with thanks to Gavin Brown Passerby NYC and Useless Magazine

"Zombie Ritual"

This is the gig that will not die! I tried to bury the video, since I screwed up on recording room audio, and the camera I was using decided to go on the fritz with audio dropouts. What's more I forgot to bring a camera light to a show which was much performed in darkness.. But guitarist OJ steadily campaigned for it to be given life. He eventually produced his own room audio, but that was still an unholy distorted racket. Wheh he came round to review the footage 6 months or so after the show the hard drive it was on suddenly crapped out in the middle of the session... Nevertheless, through data recovery wizardry, and a lot of audio manipulation, I managed to pull out a dvd for the band. Only then to be subjected to repeated request to YouTube some of the results, requests which I no longer can deny. As you will see the show - a party for Useless Magazine just a year ago at the ultra-cool Chelsea gallery Gavin Brown Passerby - commenced with an arcane ritual of zombie awakening using an eel, before descending into the absolute glamourous chaos for which this band is notorious.

iPod | stills | youtube

iPod | stills | youtube

iPod | stills | youtube

The band are giving away DVDs of this show on their current tour.

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