Mandate of Heaven Fashion Show w/ Paige Wood
Secret Project Robot, Brooklyn
May 5 2007
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with thanks to Secret Project Robot and Artur Arbit

'The Williamsburg Fashion Weekend'

Despite being the nexus of the Brooklyn scene that has transformed the culture of NYC, and elsewhere, over the last few years, and home to countless rock and art shows, Williamsburg had never had it's own official fashion show. Artur Arbit and Secret Project Robot decided to remedy the situation and inaugurated 'The Williamsburg Fashion Weekend' to take place on the first weekend of May 2007. Due to other commitments I missed the first night, on which local boutiques Treehouse and Sodafine joined forces to present multiple designer's work in the form of something called "Cherry Blossom Circus", after which Trisha Mcbride presented her designs by means of a psychedelically lit belly dancing performance. Arriving fashionably late on Saturday I was mortified to find I'd also missed the presentation of Artur Arbit's 'King Gurvy' line, which involved two bands - one of boys - one of girls - performing alternately while clad in his somewhat bizarre designs, playing psyche classics by such as Hawkwind and Amon Duul. As I got over my disappointment by swallowing some of the Sangria thoughtfully provided by Daddy's bar, the entire crowd emigrated into the Live With Animals gallery next door where designers Raul de Nieves and Vashti Windishhad had created an elaborate set for a performance called 'Maypole'. Dressed in costumes reminiscent of Alice In Wonderland they recreated the traditional May dances from "a time with less complicated dating practices, where girls and boys would dance around the celebrated maypole to see who loved who." By the time this was done I was ready to shoot, and got the camera out for the final show, which paired the designs of Mandate of Heaven, whose clothes are almost exclusively composed from recycled vintage fabrics, with the very fresh sounds of Paige Wood and her group. This was probably the most straightforward of all the presentations, but was still highly informal. Eschewing a catwalk, Secret Project Robot had erected a couple of platforms at the side of the performance space out of flight cases. A series of devastatingly pretty girls clambered up and pirhouetted on one, and then the other, as the crowd applauded wildly. At the conclusion all of the models started dancing and the crowd joined in. The video here is that entire presentation.

Clicking on the images will take you to the clip on YouTube. It can also be found on Google Video. The h.264's are iPod ready. There is a DVD. It's possible the poster is available via Kayrock. Mandate of Heaven's store is at 347 Grand St., Williamsburg, Brooklyn, (917) 657-6908.

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date posted: 5/20/07

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