Medium Medium
Knitting Factory NYC
Oct 16 2004
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'further than funk dream'

The original postpunk no wave disco scene in the early 80's was catalysed by the introduction to the NYC dance scene of UK savage dub punk. There were a couple of more funk oriented outfits - coincidentally both somehow double named - NYC's Liquid Liquid and the UK's Medium Medium, that, along with ESG, via radio remixes and clubs such as Danceteria, created a sound that was also the breeding ground for the original B-Boy music that preceded hiphop. As we all know there are plenty of fresh acts on both side of the Atlantic who are taking the style to the bank currently. Hence sufficient interest to get some of those original acts to dust off their old licks. Except for a warm up in Philly the night before, Medium Medium hadn't, as far as I know, played out in something like 20 years. Yet here they were, on the final night of the CMJ festival, showing how it's done. The clip was the 3rd song in.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show. 8 songs. If interested in a copy email orders@pinstand.com and ask for VCD5932. I gathered from the band that they were testing the waters for more possible activity next year. We look forward to that..

capture captain: joly
date posted: 11/9/04

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