ˇForward, Russia!
Fontana's NYC
Nov 3 2006
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with thanks to Fontana's and Brooklyn Vegan

'ˇForward, Russia!'

Like Gang of Four, ˇForward, Russia! are from Leeds, Yorkshire. They also share that band's slashing guitar sound, reggae-influenced basslines, and swinging disco throb. But that's where the similarities end - the singing is pure angst - the whole thing a crazed frenzy. Here we see them, 1pm on a Friday afternoon, playing at another of those great Brooklyn Vegan showcases during CMJ2006. The first clip is the song 'Seventeen' while the second is 'Fifteen Pt.2'. See drummer Katie fall off her stool at the end.

Click on the images to see the tunes on YouTube. The h.264 is iPod-ready. There is a DVD.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 12/20/06

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