The Ladybug Transistor
North Six - Brooklyn
Mar 9 2002
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with thanks to North Six

'brighton bound'

Recently NYC residents have been blessed with the opportunity to view punkcast clips via the NY Noise show on NYC TV, the city's official cable channel. When producer Shirley Braha came to scout stuff, she first had me dig this one out of the closet, and promptly aired it. A great shoot, sublime music, but just cam audio, sorry to say. Not a total wash as far as vocals go, but not so good, especially as I shot a lot from the side to get Sasha's hands. On fact I beloeve it was this show that convinced me of the need to buy a MD. Brooklyn-based The Ladybug Transistor are, of course, the epitome of twee, just totally totally cute, and much loved. The song 'Brighton Bound' is one of their best.

No VCD on this one, maybe it will go on a comp sometime. I do have another Ladybug show in the can that I didn't get to yet. You can also see Gary playing along with the Aislers Set on the vcd of #256

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/18/04


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