X The Owl
Live Girls!!!
Tunnel Of Love
Pianos - NYC
Jan 31 2004
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with thanks to Pianos and DJ Mojo

'Is God A Man?'

In NYC 2003 the news that was greeted with perhaps the greatest dismay, more so than even the Liars scrapping their rhythm section, or the Yankees letting Petitte go to Houston, was the departure of bassie Ashley Dinan from the Tallboys. A good hard melodic player, her lemmyesque gravitas seemed a crucial part of their chemistry, catalytic even. Her stand-in, Ryan from Mazing Vidz, has a completely different tone, and a far more diffident attitude, seems a little out of place on a strong girl team. Still, both the Liars and Yanks have recruited and gone on to field champion quality line-ups this season, and we expect nothing less from the Tb's. Reports that Ashley had not only quit the band, but also booze and drugs, causing yet further dismay, turned out to be exagerrated, lessening the overall shock. Ashley is still going strong with her other outfit Live Girls!!!. Not that they play that often, and even then usually in neighborhood loft parties in Greenpoint. Determinedly dodgy. Here, impresario DJ Mojo has somehow talked Pianos into giving him a Saturday night and is using them to anchor a visit from Boston bizzarro rock'n'rage crew Tunnel Of Love. Completing the bill were Pterodactyl, who I missed, and X The Owl, who I just caught the end of. Thus the X.T.O. clip is their finale, "Wreckage In Bloom', in which they show definite prog inclinations. The Live Girls!!! clip is from halfway thru their set. Laura wonders what's in the deity's underpants. Tunnel Of Love had set up, typical rager style, in a back corner of the room and started whacking away as soon as Live Girls!!! hit their last note, trapping the audience. The singer, wearing a cape and brandishing a black & white striped mike stand, made frequent harassing forays into the crowd, Their clip was also their last song, a raucous "Paint It Black'.

And yes i have knocked up VCD's of the latter two acts, the X The Owl I'll save for later, Live Girls is VCD3882 (7,18:29), but it's only their first seven songs, as I only got audio that far. Tunnel Of Love, of course, is camera audio only, but it's the whole set, including 'Wild Thing' and 'Midnight Hour' - that is VCD3883 (12,22:14). VCD's can be procured from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD Order, and I'll let you know the process. We don't do pins on these bands as yet, but Ashley does make Live Girls!!! pins, which were on sale at the show for a mere $500 a pop.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/2/04

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