54 Nude Honeys
The Delancey NYC
Nov 16 2005
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with thanks to The Delancey and Death Disco NY and Skydog Records


Checking out 54 Nude Honeys as this Death Disco show approached, I was impressed to discover they are on the french label Skydog Records. It is not well known enough that, in 76/77, particularly with the Stooges' 'Metallic KO' LP and the Mont-de-Marsan fests, Skydog, helmed by the irascible Marc Zermati, jump-started punk rock and pioneered indie distribution. Marc later moved to Japan. The label survived, and is now undergoing a bit of a global resurgence with acts such as these, japanese punk-girls 54 Nude Honeys. Closely related to The Michelle Gun Elephant, the Honeys have been going for 10 years, releasing records on major labels as well as indies, and are in the top echelons of the 'dirty rock' genre. Dressed in black vinyl/leather sexy gladiator outfits they play no-holds-barred hi-energy rock'n'roll, as you will see in the clip.

If you program a tv show and are interested in running this clip, do please get in touch.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 11/23/05

Skydog 54 Nude Honeys

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