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Internet and the Community
Tuesday, March 14, 2000
Waverly Center, NYU

Each panelist spoke briefly on how his/her organization has realized the notion of using technology to benefit society. Afterward, there was an open discussion on future needs and possible solutions.

The whole event was recorded on two 1 hour dv tapes. The cue numbers on the left refer to the dv timecode.

media - on demand
25kbps realvideo streaming slideshow of part1

25kbps realvideo streaming slideshow of part of part 2

16kbps mp3 streaming mp3 audio of part1

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5:00 moderator's preamble

Chris Lehman, Beacon School
6:21 Beacon School
open systems the future of education - riding the beast

Ted Nellen - Murray Bergtraum Highschool
9:00 'plant' - 5th grade - 34 computer classroom with help from charles - access - interactive response - community - Ron Edmonds - Frank Macharelli - John Dewey - teacher no longer alone - 2 way street - board of ed


Barbara Fisher and Richard Spiegel, Waterways
18:30 poems - hard copy output - prisons - penpals - streams online - poets online review
questions: rikers

Bruce Lincoln, HEAVEN, Harlem Renaissance Project
33:00 HEAVEN - community not schools - people - incubator - meeting needs of uneducated - Harlem Renaissance 2001 - Virtual Harlem

Kathy Dee Zasloff, PASA
43:00 community based organizations - poverty of benefits and access - communicationNET - emphasis on email not web

Conrad Barclay, MOUSE
53:00 use in schools - mentor system - Washington Irving - 200 boxes - neglected machines - bringing in parents
Chris contrast with corporate MIS bloat - MOUSE good model - make sysadmin a teaching job at teacher pay - Board Of Ed


Daniel Kreiss, New York Cares
0.00 ted:(following up Chris) accountability - Board of Ed.
daniel: teachers - New York Cares

Charles Rawls, Dorsai
14:00 plato's challenge - the thirst to learn - labs - boxes then wires - horse before the cart - life's too short
Chris: jazz

Discussion - schools
30:00 richard: techies and teachers must take intiative
ted mireolis: obstacles? - priorities? - action ?
chris: bypass filtering - project connect
ted : board of ed vs parent power

Discussion - community
46:00 kathy: 3 ways to act - community - questions - persistence - prioritize communities as well as schools. ted mireolis: approach corporations?

Discussion - women's issues
50:00 women!
4/20: There is still work to be done on this: