Tony Fletcher & Arlene Smith
Barnes & Noble, Lincoln Triangle NYC
Nov 13 2009

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"All Hopped Up and Ready to Go"

As he mentions at one point in this video, I have known Tony Fletcher since he was the 14 year old author/publisher of Jamming!, a popular UK fanzine. Like me, he moved to NYC in the 80s. He became influential in the local scene as a co-promoter and DJ at the - again popular - long running Communion night at the Limelight. He also kept up with his writing, and in the 90s cranked out a number of insightful music books, including biographies of Keith Moon and R.E.M., as well as a guide to the Clash's recordings. He was also, like me, an early adopter of the Internet - a natural progression for any DIY publisher - and his iJamming.net was one of the first music-related NYC blogs.. He has now graduated to a rustic idyll upstate and spent some years coming up with a major opus on the City's musical history "All Hopped Up and Ready to Go: Music from the Streets of New York 1927-77". Thick and dense with exhaustively researched detail and entertaining anecdote -much of it never before documented - the book takes the reader from the flappers through to the birth of punk and hip-hop, In this, his first public NYC reading from the book, he was joined by Arlene Smith, lead vocalist and composer with the groundbreaking 50s girl-harmony group The Chantels. Arlene gives insight into just how a bunch of uptown catholic schoolgirls became an international style-setting sensation.

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DVD1685. The book can indeed be purchased online from Barnes & Noble for a very reasonable price at this link.

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W.W. Norton & Co. All Hopped Up and Ready to Go

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