Iration Steppas
Cabaret Sauvage - Paris
Apr 18 2002
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'thing call locks'

The flyer for this event read, in bold large black text, "PARIS IS DUBBING". We were happy to find such a wicked line up and upon arriving we were shaken by the great sound and impressed with the venue. It had a definite concert feeling as opposed to a sound system event. We caught the end of Miniman, who is a talent to look for coming out of France's Roots Stepper Dub scene. Iration Steppas took the stage and delivered a bass heavy set. D. Rootical live on bass and Mark Iration at the controls, playing most of the tracks from their last album and a few from the next, this punkcast being one from the latter. Zion Train took the stage next. As we had checked them 2 weeks previous in Nantes (see punkcast #144) the set felt familiar but this time Miniman, on tour with the ZT crew for the last 2 weeks, joined in on melodica. Bush Chemists ended the nite - 2 MC's, melodica, and Dougie Wardrop at the controls, touring in support of their new album. They, having been forced off the stage because of a curfew, blasted back on for one more dub spectacular in defiance of the porcine venue manager to nearly bust a blood vessel.. Ya got to luv it..

So is Paris really Dubbing? With the pricey ticket, medium size and somewhat passive young crowd, majority British line up, and rain that evening, it's hard to say. I think they are certainly heading that way...

capture captain: leesaw
camera: sabrina

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Conscious Sounds

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