The World Famous *Bob*
Pianos NYC
Mar 1 2003
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'i'm off to whore'

I was in pianos for the Secret Machines, did a great shoot from onstage behind the drummer, but unfortunately screwed up on the audio and so, reluctantly that one's for the dumper. Nevertheless the evening was not a total loss, yielding this clip of opener The World Famous *Bob*. NYC is proud of it's cabaret tradition, and burlesque has recently been making a comeback via electroclash. The World Famous *Bob*, who I had seen open for Genesis P. Orridge a few weeks before, seems to hang with the musical avant-garde, but her act, performed with aplomb, is as classic as burlesque can be. Just the right balance of art, style, sleaze, and humor. Educational too, as Bob demonstrates how to put on a condom with no hands. The quote was her parting shot, after she took a phone call on the banana, this being just as the US was about to enter Iraq.

And yes i did knock up a VCD of the Secret Machines, but just to give to the band, as there's no vocals or keyboards on it. Well ok, here's some stills. The 'bob' clip is not available on VCD at this time, but i'll get it on a comp, sooner or later.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 6/16/03

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