The Warlocks
Mercury Lounge - NYC
Jun 14 2002
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'dope feels good'

I was already familiar with this psychedelic LA crew from punkcast#48, when I accidentally caught them as a support to Nikki Sudden. Now, as then, serendipity was in effect - I was just finishing up shooting another show when John Fortunado of The Aquarian persuaded me to leave and accompany him to this. The Warlocks were a little altered, new drummers perhaps, and no girl - but tight and solid with the guitar melange a bewitchng combo of fender, gretsch and gibson texture, amped via period equipment. They also had a drone thing going. The clip here was the second song in.

There is a VCD on this one, 10 songs. I'm still uncertain about the setlist, but I now know that the song here is in fact 'Stone Hearts'.

capture captain: joly
posted: 8/22/02 -- updated 8/4/03 and 11/6/07.

The Warlocks

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