Yeah Yeah Yeahs
Brownies - NYC - Feb 19 2002
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'our time, sweet baby'

A midweek show, this was a bit of a farewell party for the Yeah Yeahs Yeahs being the last small club show before they set off for better things and national and international tours. Headliner Milemarker themselves appeared to have no shortage of fans in NYC, and this was their first visit in some time, so an enthusiastic crowd jammed Brownies to the gills. For no good reason I dawdled on the way to the show, and so the yyy's were already in full effect as I struggled past the 'sold out' sign. It took me a song or two to get to the front and shoot.

First song - 'Machine' - i'm messing with setting the camera and miss some of the action. Next song - 'Tick' - i've made it to center stage and settled down a bit but, as I look to get a good long shot in of Nick's guitar, to plug some of those earlier gaps maybe, Karen drops to the floor and creeps right up on me and when i actually turn to look - aaagh.. she's in my face.. So wound me up that I missed the intro on the climactic finale - 'Our Time'. It's a devastatingly effective version, with a lot of emotion. Totally impressing reporters from both the NY Times and Post who happened to be present.

After all this it wasn't until Milemarker were halfway through their set that I ran upstairs from the dressing room just in time to catch the song here. As I shot I began to understand just why their fans are so plentiful..

Altho this was Feb, it's now Nov 2002 as I post this up. The yyy's have just released 'Machine' on an EP on Touch & Go. I've sat on this punkcast 'til now because of wack shooting which i'd fumbled at covering, and the vocals being a bit low in the audio. But, in retrospect, this well could been the best show of the year, and includes that song.

The clips ain't all that naff, so enjoy..

capture captain: joly

WWWhatsup - Milemarker
WWWhatsup - Yeah Yeah Yeahs

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