The Tough And Lovely
Union Pool - Brooklyn
May 6 2005
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with thanks to Union Pool

'It's hard to love me'

Seeing The Tough And Lovely, a 'garage/soul' band from Columbus Ohio playing in a NYC basement a few years back, it was love at first sight. I'm a pushover for girls, grit and passion combined with hard 60's beat rock. However my attempts to film them that night, and on their further rare visits to NYC have not been altogether successful, with either light or sound problems. But this one, from Union Pool's backroom last year, has just about has enough of both to make it castable. Even so, as I shot I was having to dodge several wildly dancing Amazons at the front, but I did my best. The first song here is the eponymous and braggadacious 'Tough And Lovely', which is on the band's debut 45 on Spoonful Records. The second is the mournful but defiant 'Hard To Love'.

The h.264 files above should be iPod compatible. There is a DVD of the whole set. Get the band to pass me your email if interested in a copy ($5).

capture captain: joly
date posted: 3/22/06
fixed: 5/8/06

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