Tiny Masters of Today
Kimya Dawson
Union Hall, Brooklyn
Jan 20 2007
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'new best friends'

It's been a long time since we've seen Kimya Dawson in these parts. Her family moved to Seattle a little while back, and then she's been busy infanticipating. Now, thanks to an invitation from The Tiny Masters of Today to join them in playing a big benefit for the Willie Mae Rock Camp for Girls in NYC, she's back in the neighborhood. This show was a Saturday afternoon warm-up for that, where they headlined over a couple of other up-and-coming teen acts in the lush confines of the Union Hall basement in Park Slope. It was crowded but not uncomfortable, with a healthy bunch of juniors in attendance. The Tiny Masters played a short set. For those not familiar they are a rocking pre-teen sibling duo that, joined by Russell Simins of JSBX on drums, have been tearing up the NYC scene in the last year. They have a big rep in the UK, with two singles released, and have already appeared on the cover of Artrocker mag. Kimya, who had only met them the day before, got up with them for their last number 'Book Song' (first clip). Then she went into her own set, which was mostly old favorites, but she did come up with a new pregnancy-related ditty 'The Smoothie Song' (second clip) before inviting a couple of the younger members of the audience to come up and sing on the Antsy Pants kids lib anthem 'Henry Kelly' (third clip). Finally the Tiny Masters returned to join her for a finale of 'Loose Lips' (last clip).

Clicking the images will take you to the tunes on YouTube. The h.264's are iPod-compatible. There is a DVD. If you are the parents of Kimya's friends, or Logan, please get in touch as I've lost your contact info.

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date posted: 2/6/07

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Poster from this show.

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