Thee Jezebelz
The Weekenders
Starfoods NYC
Feb 20 2003
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'for the love of god tell us there's a hi-hat'

Garage-girl is an enduring and endearing component of the NYC scene. The style combines dolly-bird with cowgirl chic, swamp-rock with punk bashment. Carrying the flag currently are Thee Jezebelz, led by the highly vixenish Georgiana. This show was a highly impromptu affair and threatened debacle at moments. I'd got an email at 6pm on the day and got down there around midnight, having just missed the openers, a psychobilly outfit called The Memphis Morticians. This might have been the first show he venue, Starfoods, a restaurant-bar-with-DJ-booth place, had mounted. There was no light and no PA. Apparently the Memphis psychos had made do with the DJ's mike which had proved highly unsatisfactory. Phone calls had been made and a PA promised before the next act. After an hour or more the Memphis boys began packing up their gear, which the other bands planned to use, and had to be assuaged with alcohol to reset it up. Georgi went round the crowd inploring them to hold on, with the lure that the last band - The Weekenders - were only 17 years old. "Jailbait" she emphasized, lavisciously. Eventually a minimal PA arrived and the show continued. Georgi sang, in a surprisingly deep voice, about devil girls, fevers, fast pants, kisses of death, loaded guns, drinking thunderbird, while the band flailed womanfully behind her. The song I put here is a little unrepresentative in that it is not a 12 bar progression, and has less in the way of lyrics, but it certainly is apt.

Thee Jezebelz had only been off 2 minutes when The Weekenders took the stage, um, floor. Starfoods had by this time somewhat addressed the light problem by having a guy standing on a table near the bar waving a red light around in the general direction of the band. The Weekenders, as nubile as promised, were a little distraught to find there was no hi-hat. I guess you don't need one for psychobilly. Their songs, cranked out hard and fast, were peculiarly appropiate, given the circumstances. 'Any Place Else', 'No Fun', 'Make It End', etc etc. including 'Nightmare' as you will see below. But, like a farm rookie hitting a a home run, they left one feeling positive about the future.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the show, 11 songs from Thee Jezebelz and 11 from The Weekenders, which, until I receive a cease and desist from the bands, you can get from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD241, and I'll let you know the process.

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date posted: 3/17/03

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