Ali Emami
Twitter & the Iranian Election Controversy
Queens Library, Forest Hills NYC
Oct 10 2009

on behalf of ISOC-NY
with thanks to Queens Library, Forest Hills

"Where is my vote?"

This post OneWebDay event was held on a Saturday in a library in Forest Hills, Queens - remarkably easy to reach via the F express train - and on a pleasantly mild day. Speaker Ali Emami turned out to be more of a facebook enthusiast than twitter, but was emphatic about how 1) mass personal communication drove the election protests, 2) the ability to perceive global awareness/support sustained the protesters, and that 3) new methods of networking that are not at the mercy of government monitoring/disruption are needed. He was fascinated when the possibility of white space mesh networking was mentioned. In one amusing anecdote he told of a call from his mother in Tehran insisting he set up a proxy for her on his laptop.

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Educators, librarians, and other interested parties can obtain a free DVD of this hearing by emailing dvd@isoc-ny.org - ask for DVD1664.

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