Zion Train
Nantes - France
April 7 2002
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'be a love revolutionary'

Arrived in Nantes by train where we were fined for sneaking into first class.. It was a pouring rain Sunday. The venue, Algodon, is a good room for a small live act.

We arrived just before opener Miniman took the stage. He worked the knobs and buttons, mixing the dub live and direct. Heavy bass, warrior rhythms and live melodica. Zion Train took stage, just as the room had cozily filled. The ZT crew this time around, which from what I overstand varies each tour, was Molara on vocal, DJ Perch on the mix and a irie vibes trumpet player who's name I did not discover. The very very pregnant Molara radiated on stage, as we all overstood that this baby is going to luv the bass.

Sound was good, crowd was warm, people were dancing..

capture captain: leesaw


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