Gavin Brown Passerby NYC
Feb 2 2007
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with thanks to Gavin Brown and Arthur

'Free Press 1965-75'

"The Council for the Fortieth Anniversary of The Summer of Love with Gavin Brown’s enterprise opens and invites you to an exhibition of the world’s most radical living papers from a time when the press took risks and voiced opinions.

Celebrating the heyday of alternative magazine publishing in Europe and America, Gavin Brown’s enterprise at Passerby opens an exhibition of more than two hundred original copies, as well as reproductions of these seminal and obscure publications, whose influence reverberates through culture, politics, and society.

Covering politics, revolutions, evolutions of the planets, freak-outs, love-ins, support of green politics, gay liberation, power to the people, the peace parties, protests, the Panthers, peyote, LSD, pot, fiction, music, poetry, prose, prayers and more. Publications include: Actuel, Avatar, Berkeley Barb, Berkeley Tribe, Black Panther Papers, Digger Papers, Door, East Village Other [EVO], The Fifth Estate, Freep, Grabuge, Hobo-Québec, International Times [it], Los Angeles Free Press, The Oracle, The Organ, Other Scenes, OZ, Rat, The Realist, Re Nudo, Rolling Stone, The Seed, Ann Arbor Sun….more."

Curated by Eva Prinz, Dan Donahue, and Thurston Moore"

Clicking the image will take you to the clip on YouTube. The h.264 is iPod-compatible. Click here for a flickr slideshow of the stills. Passerby is at 436 W. 15th St NYC. The exhibit runs until Mar 20. It's open Thurs/Fri/Sat and is free. More info on www.radicallivingpapers.com

*UPDATE:The word we have is that 1) the exhibit is being extended, and 2) there is a panel discussion planned for Mar 23 2006.

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date posted: 2/7/07

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