Oakley Hall
Union Pool - Brooklyn
Feb 4 2006
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'Second Guessing'

This is the first time, I think, that the same song by the same artist has appeared twice on punkcast. But the wait of a year and a half between our first airing of 'Volume Rambler' by Oakley Hall and it's ultimate release on CD, and the addition of Rachel Cox to the band, tipped the balance. Here we see it at the record release party for the 'Second Guessing' CD, which eventually has come out on Amish Records, after the original label Bulb 'resigned' from the record business. In the meantime Oakley Hall have tightened a good deal, got better known, and even toured as far away as Europe. They can still play bars in Brooklyn, but not without, as this Union Pool gig showed, risking some serious overcrowding. Given the auspiciousness of the occasion, special guests were rolled out, notably Brian Chase of the Yeah Yeah Yeahs, who played tabla on 'Bury My Burden' (clip below), an unreleased track, as is the rollicking 'Lazy Susan', which I've also included. No doubt these tunes will appear on their 3rd album, for which we trust we will not have a similar wait.

I'd heard that Union Pool's barn-like back room had been spruced up, and it's true - a spanking new bar, but my hopes that they had improved the stage lights were unfounded. A small row of brilliant white spots behind the band were all there was to work with. At least it wasn't the red bath that most rock clubs favor, but things are a little murky, sorry to say. Sharp-eyed viewers may possibly gain amusement from my inability to point the camera at the pertinent musician during 'Lazy Susan'. The h.264 files above are iPod compatible. Clicking the images will take you to the songs on YouTube. There is a DVD of the whole set. Email and ask for DVD918 if you need a copy. ($5 inc mail).

capture captain: joly
date posted: 2/8/06

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