Worm Is Green
Rothko NYC
Oct 8 2004
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with thanks to Rothko

'trip over a b'

Worm Is Green are a band from Iceland. Their CD - 'Automagic' - having already met with success in Europe, is now out domestically on AARCO, and thus they are visiting the US to raise awareness. I tripped over them in September, at Pianos, and filmed, but messed up on audio. This time I was already booked in to shoot another show, but took time to dash out just in time to catch the last couple of songs of their set. Both of which I give you here. It's kind of austere moody electro, with a loud drummer. Who is particularly heard on the Joy Division cover 'Love Will Tear Us Apart' - their finale, a militaristic fugue.

And yes i have knocked up a VCD of the 2 songs (9:10) to send to the band. if interested in a copy email orders@pinstand.comand ask for VCD581

capture captain: joly
date posted: 10/21/04


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