Aerial Love Feed
Filter 14
Jan 22 2002
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'live by the pedal, die by the pedal'

Another follower in the rich NYC tradition of Wednesday rock nights is 'Girls & Boys', a weekly affair at Filter 14 in the meatpacking district. On this particular Wednesday, however, falling as it did in the middle of coldest cold snap the city has seen in some time, a little less meat was packed into the venue than usual - all the better for me as it gave me room to move the camera. And the show itself was hot. Aerial Love Feed's distinctive vocal sound, rich driving blanga guitars, and not a little charisma, have major label types firing off memos in all directions. Right now they are still playing hard to get, as I understand it. The quote above was in response to a heckle teasing them about the multitude of guitar effects.

capture captain: joly

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