Rimbaud/Elliott - Last Amendment
Gavin Brown Passerby NYC
Nov 8 2006
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with thanks to Gavin Brown and Gee Vaucher

'Oh America.'

During their existence, 1997-1984, the UK anarcho-nihilist group Crass never toured in the USA, much to the chagrin of many. They did, however, have roots in the NYC downtown art scene, and played 4 NYC shows early in their formational period. Quietly, 29 or so years later, another incursion into the 'Land Of The Free' tool place in the form of an art exhibit. 'Introspective' by Gee Vaucher, who did the majority of the radical collage art for which the band is famous, had a 2 month run at the Gavin Brown Passerby gallery in West Chelsea in late 2006. As well as much of that classic Crass imagery, the show also included some remarkable large portrait paintings, that take the hard-realism of her illustration work to new heights of color and texture. The crowning point was on this day when Crass-founder and polemicist Penny Rimbaud arrived to perform. Accompanied by noted Australian jazz sax/flutist Louise Elliott, this combo is the current incarnation of an ongoing post-Crass project called Last Amendment. While Louise blew, Penny read four pieces. All addressed the perfidy of the terror war, and the last - 'Methinks' - was a particularly searing attack on the purveyors, likening Bush and Bin Laden to Cain and Abel. The clip here is the second, which speaks directly to the nation.

Clicking the image will take you to the file on Google video. The h.264 is iPod ready. There is a DVD.

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date posted: 12/1/06

Gavin Brown Passerby
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