Mecca Normal
Union Docs, Brooklyn
May 7 2006
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with thanks to Union Docs and Todd P

'attraction is ephemeral'

When I arrived at this show, a Sunday afternoon affair at the Union Docs artist co-operative, I had never heard of Mecca Normal. How, I can't imagine. A duo based in Vancouver, they've been going 25 years, and had records out on every major indie, from K Recs, to Matador, to Sub Pop, to Kill Rock Stars. Their determinedly DIY, feminist, and avant garde approach has inspired many of the bands, especially those from the north west, that we love. Hence their spot on this show, opening for Shoplifting. Fortunately, Todd P instructed me to pay attention, and I got the camera out not only for them, but also a preceding set by member Jean Smith in an instrumental collaboration called 'Book Of Common Gestures'. As the afternoon sun streamed in the west facing windows, Tthis was a 15 minute electric guitar duet which involved Jean's wallowing electric slide and David First (of Notekillers)' howling staccato feedback. Challenging and engaging. Mecca Normal, following, were a little easier on the palate, if not downright tasty. Jean, adopting a Rollins style stance, rocking on her feet like a tennis player waiting for a serve, switched to vocals, and another David - David Lester - played guitar with great panache, over on-the-spot sampled riffs. The songs, long narrative laments, many taken from their new KRS album The Observer, were mostly inspired By Ms Smith's on-line dating experiences, and fascinated the young and attentive audience.

I did make up a dvd of this, and it's great. There is some chance the band may use it as merch at some point. However they are currently working on their own autobiographical dvd effort, so that, in my guess, would be the one better to look for. The QT files above are iPod compatible.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 8/22/06

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