Blixa Bargeld
Jan 30 2004
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'the media earthquake will be gopher-friendly'

In the late 70"s original day of the pinstand one of our bigger customers was Rip Off of Hamburg, run by Klaus Meick. By 1980 he had run up a sizable bill. We were less than ectstatic when, in lieu, we received a carton of cassettes of mashing and bashing from an unknown band called Einstürzende Neubauten. We were impressed, however, by the fact that they had one of the coolest logos ever, which indeed became a best-selling pin. Four years later, on sabbatical in Los Angeles, I was able, with the help of Ruth Polsky, to bring the band for their first ever visit to the left coast, including a spectacular upstaging of Specimen at Perkins Palace, where they literally set the stage on fire. One of the finest moments of that evening was when, after Warner Bros darlings Specimen had demanded the larger dressing room, directly under the stage, for maximum schmoozing, it's ceiling started coming down as Neubauten operated a pavement pounder over their heads. Now, 20 years on, here is Blixa, now based in SF on that same left coast, in NYC promoting a new album 'Perpetuum Mobile'. The label is Mute Records, itself originally a protegé of the pinstand, around that same time as we received those cassettes from Klaus. Now owned by EMI. We were able to catch up with him for an interview with Daniel Blumin on the popular 'New Afternoon Show' on WNYU. Daniel, a definite aficionado, and Blixa seemed to really hit it off. Blixa described the band's current working practice, developed after they found themselves free of all record deals a couple of years back. Phase I consists of supporter-sponsored creation via subscriptions on their website. Supporters gain access to webcasts of sessions, creative dialog with the band, and, ultimately, an exclusive album. Phase II involves touring, while releasing a refined and extended version into the stores, via Mute. They plan to do this twice, and are now engaged in the latter part of the first cycle. Further plans include self-produced broadcast specials. In the first clip Blixa talks disparagingly about the homogenizing effect of major media. Warming to high rises on a flattened landscape as a metaphor, Blixa proudly portrays Neubauten, and others who may emulate them, as undermining varmints. In the second, brief, clip I ask him about the Liars' recent appropiation of the art from one of their early records. A record that is, he notes regretfully, out of print. It is ironic, but to be expected I guess, that subsequently Mute did not give permission for me to get the broadcast audio off WNYU, claiming I had "ambushed" them, and bounced punkcast from shooting a similar Liars interview a week later.

And yes i have knocked the whole interview down to VCD. I've broken it down into 13 segs, and it runs 41:36. As mentioned, it is camera audio only. Until I receive a cease and desist, you can get a copy from the pinstand for $4 inc. mail ($5 foreign) - if interested email orders@pinstand.com with the subject=VCD, and I'll let you know the process (paypal accepted). Ask for VCD386. We still do the pins - see the WWWhatsup link below.

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date posted: 4/25/04
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