Awesome Color
Cake Shop NYC
Jun 16 2006
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'This one's going to be loud and fast.'

Awesome Color's rise to most-favored status in NYC since arriving from Ann Arbor has taken place over just a matter of months. Shows with local favorites such as Oakley Hall have helped, but it's the trio's simple raw energy and syncopating throb that have done the real damage. Engaging personalities and good songs haven't harmed the cause either. A Friday night at the Cake Shop, this was the the release party for their debut album on Thurston Moore's Ecstatic Peace label, and the last small show before they went off across the nation opening for Sonic Youth and, no doubt, wider acclaim.

On the song in the clip - 'Hat Energy' - they are joined by Matt Mottel of Talibam! on keyboards.

Click the image to see the clip on YouTube. The h.264 file is iPod ready. I did make a DVD for the band. If you are desperate for a copy email orders@pinstand.com and ask for DVD990-4. We do have awesome pins.

capture captain: joly
date posted: 4/24/06

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