@ Pier 86 - NYC
Jun 26 2002
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'get out of my head'

Pier 86 is at the west end of 14th St on the Hudson River. I arrived as twilight fell, missing Radio 4 but in time to see a couple songs from Firewater, a new band to me. Apparently from NYC, they had a westcoast friendly air about them and catchy riffs.

Clinic were a bit of a surprise, as I had somehow imagined them to be electro, whereas they were in fact garage-pop. Four lads from liverpool on their NYC debut - they wore authentic beatle suits to honor their predecessor's Shea Stadium gig, apparently a moment much celebrated back in the old neighborhood. The fab gear was topped off by surgical hoods and masks, an early gimmick that, I am told, they maintain because of total shyness in certain quarters of the band, Not an absolutely ideal habit for a humid June evening in NYC but hey.. The sound is a little less than perfect on their clip but I think you can get the general idea.

capture captain: joly

WWWhatsup - Clinic
WWWhatsup - Firewater

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